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Buying & Selling a Vehicle FAQs

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I am selling my vehicle, what do I do with the title?

Sign the title over to the purchaser and have your signature notarized. The purchaser has thirty (30) days to complete the transfer at a tag agency.

I am buying a vehicle, what are the steps I must take?

You have thirty (30) days from the notary date without penalty to bring the following into a tag agency in order to pay the taxes and complete the vehicle transfer:

  • Notarized title / MSO
  • Oklahoma insurance verification
  • Purchase agreement (required on new vehicle, optional on used vehicle)
  • Odometer statement (not necessary if filled in on title / MSO)
  • Application for Oklahoma Title (new vehicle only)

What is a Notice of Transfer and how does it protect me?

A Notice of Transfer is a form which can be filled out online or at a tag agency and submitted in order to put the Oklahoma Tax Commission Motor Vehicle Division and law enforcement on notice that you have sold your vehicle and to whom you have sold it to. As such, a record is made of the sale date making it easy for law enforcement to sort out liability if the vehicle is involved in an accident, receives traffic violations or has toll violations etc.

Unfortunately it is not uncommon for purchasers to put off transferring a new vehicle into their name thus leaving the previous owner showing as the owner of record on the motor vehicle system. A Notice of Transfer puts parties on notice that the purchaser is the current owner of the vehicle regardless of the title transfer being completed.