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Quick & Easy Online Tag Renewal

Renewing your tag online is quick and easy with our next business day promise. At Classen Tag Agency, we promise to have your online tag renewal processed by the next business day and in your mailbox quickly.

Questions? Call (405) 521-1151 or email

Before you begin, you will need your:

  1. Tag, Title or VIN
  2. Current Address
  3. Insurance Information (Company Name, Policy#, NAIC#, Policy Holder)
  4. Credit Card Information

Skip the line and renew your vehicle registration online.

Current Statutory Registration (tag) Rates

Years 1-4
$96.00 + $1.50 (insurance) + applicable mail fee

Years 5-8
$86.00 + $1.50 (insurance) + applicable mail fee

Years 9-12
$66.00 + $1.50 (insurance) + applicable mail fee

Years 13-16
$46.00 + $1.50 (insurance) + applicable mail fee

Years 17-Up
$26.00 + $1.50 (insurance) + applicable mail fee

Mailing fees will vary according to current rates and whether a metal plate or sticker is mailed. Additional fees may be added, which include, but are not limited to, insurance, mail, fax, convenience, shipping or handling, and any applicable penalties.

The button below will redirect you to our Oklahoma DMV Online Portal.