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Out of State Tag & Title FAQs

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I recently moved to Oklahoma, how long do I have to get my vehicles tagged here?

You have thirty (30) days to register your vehicle(s) in Oklahoma once you have established residency.

What do I need to do in order to change my tags to Oklahoma?

Bring your vehicle to the tag agency along with your Oklahoma Insurance and out of state title.

Upon inspecting your vehicle and submitting your out of state title, we will issue an Oklahoma title for your vehicle along with Oklahoma license plates. Fees will be assessed at the time of the transaction.

What if I don’t have my out of state title?

You can still get your Oklahoma plates if you have other proof of ownership in the vehicle.

Acceptable forms include, “Non-Negotiable Title”, Most recent registration from out of state.

You will not receive your Oklahoma title until such time as your out of state title is surrendered.